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Monday, October 22, 2012


This is a hard one to write.  One week ago today I said good bye to my brother Bob.  Bob had fought Multiple Mylomea for 3 and a half years.  He was very strong and the best brother a girl cold have, I miss him and I loved him more than I could say.

The most important thing to know about my brother was that he was a man of God.  He always put God first, then his wife and kids.  He was a great and faithful man who was loved by everyone who knew him.  He was always willing to help and never said a unkind word about anyone.  He was a great husband, his wife was always there for him as well.  They were most always together and took the best care of each other.  Theirs was a marriage to follow.  He had 3 children and 4 grandchildren, Bob always made time for them no matter what.

As a brother there was none better, even as a kid he was the good one!!!  He always had pockets full of nuts and bolts and screws, because he worked on everything and could fix it.  There was nothing he couldn't fix and believe me he took it apart to make sure.  I had a Volkswagen when I graduated from high school and there was many times he would take the engine out of it tweak it and then put it back in, of course it was always when I wanted to go somewhere!!

When Bob went to be with Jesus on Monday I felt such Peace knowing he was all good.  Even though I will miss him I know that Heaven is a better place now that my brother Bob is there.

I love you Bobby

Quilted Blessings

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